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Enlighten your Diwali with 7 Home Decor Ideas

We are just few days away from season of joy, celebration and festive mood. Yes I am talking about the most awaited festivals of Hindus -Diwali. Soaked in the festive fever this year Diwali is falling on 19th October. From cleaning to redecorating and revamping the house to exchanging diwali gifts, the festive mood comes with the to do list. Diwali becomes the most favourable time to make purchases and revamp the house. To ensure you get perfection in every preparation of Diwali here are few Diwali home decor ideas you can apply to make give your house a festive feel. House decoration plays a very important role in festivals especially in diwali. Now stop worrying about ideas to give your house a festive look and check the list and bring home the positivity by giving a new and elegant look this diwali.


Diyas are the most authentic form of home decor. It is been said that people of Ayodhaya welcomed Lord Rama by lighting diyas all around the city as the day of his returning was Am…

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