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6 Types Of Earrings Perfect For Wedding Season

The most exciting thing about the wedding season is that you can get dressed up and show to the world what a real diva looks like. You can get all the new dresses you want and it gives a good reason for you to shop. Also with the wedding dresses and the great makeup, you ought to have mesmerizing accessories too. And according to me, no look is complete with appropriate earrings. Earrings play a very important role in complementing a look. So here are the most awesome earrings which can help you out to bring out the best in you this wedding season.
The Traditional Jhumkas

Jhumkas are trendy yet very traditional. They even have a history behind them. They have been in trend since the 16th century. They are something every girl must have. These have an antique look with intricate designs, patterns and motifs.
The Layered Jhumkas

The layered jhumkas are a modified version of the traditional jhumkas. Instead of one done or conical base, these have multiple domes or layers as we call them. Th…

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